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in the same department where he was studying for his ph.d. >> reporter: her mother, karen polenti, saw it right away. >> she really had a twinkle in her eye. she fell for him immediately. >> reporter: karen, who knew her daughter linda so well. >> well, we traveled together. >> linda says it's quite nice. >> it is nice. >> i felt very close to my daughter. >> reporter: like sisters almost. so karen was proud of linda's college degree, as was her father, sam. they happily supported their daughter's decision to return to detroit, michigan's wayne state university. >> she was also interested in environment. but for some reason she went into another field. the cytotechnology. >> reporter: so she could read lab tests, work in cancer research. but the reason we're here is, as we say, the love story. >> i always remember linda saying i'm not going to get married. >> reporter: it was her lab partner who saw what happened, how linda suddenly changed. >> she started making mention of this guy. and she was excited about it. >> reporter: it was a cross-cultural romance. two budding scientists. he
karen travers. karen, always a pressure to see you. >> good morning, vinita. >> reporter: let's start in delaware. the big story of the night where really a little known underdog in the tea party defeated the veteran. >> a stunning upset in delaware yesterday, vinita. the biggest upset perhaps of this entire cycle. veteran moderate congressman mike castle, a republican from delaware. he was a two-term governor, a nine-term member of congress. he lost to christine o'donnell. she was backed by the tea party, backed by sarah palin and she came away with a six-point win. this is a really ss o c
. >> asian art museum vip tickets during wonderful. thank you. our october teacher of the month is karen from galileo academy of science and technology. she is our map and academy hospitality tourism. susan's fired by one of her students who was missing class, not connected to school, and did not seem to care. she joined her academy of hospitality and tourism class and stay connected to her, even when she left for a bit to continue busy to attend a continuation high school to catch up on credits. she returned with a new spirit and commitment to graduate. karen will be here and will be most proud. karen, congratulations. [applause] >> thank you. it is an honor to be up here. first, i have to thank my husband who supports us every day and never says, "when are you going to be downgrading those tests?" for "are you done with that lesson plan?" or "you are leaving today to drive eight kids to disneyland?" to my grandmother who at 93 and fires the family with her determination. to my colleagues who support me every day and work with us to really give a great education to our students. i have a won
in the arm and that bullet lodged into her chest. we did talk to leslie's older sister karen who says she's spoke to leslie on the phone this morning and is that that she seems to be doing okay. that is the good news. the bad news is that when night falls tonight, there no guarantee it won't be more violence. >> the home is on the 1600 block of seminary avenue. by day, it's a quiet family neighborhood. at night, neighbors say it's changes. they've got a nickname for seminary avenue. >> seminary at noon and cemetery at night. >> karen ramirez is the sister of leslie, the 6-year-old wounded. police believe gang members armed with more than one gunshot up the home in a car parked in front. karen showed us the bullet holes. we counted more than 30 that ripped through walls of the house in the bedroom where her sister was sleeping with parents. karen believes shooters are after her 18-year-old brother, richard. >> it seems like all of these guys hating on him. always breaking into his car or breaking his woindos. >> she says this was the third time the house has been fired on. her brother wasn
gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. 24 alarm blaaes in baltimore. row homes up in smoke. >> karen parks is live in west baltimore where firefighttrs returned to the scene mommnts ago. karen? ú% that's right jennifer. if you remember, at 10:00, this is pretty much a ghost town. cleaning up. getting ready to leave. but just minutes ago, and i am talking about maybe five minutes ago. at least 80 firefighters rush to thh scene here. in the 1300 block of north calhoon. after smoke was seen coming from the top of one of the row homes, that caught on fire earlier today. initially we were told that 10 ú%mes caught on fire. both four alarms. now we have learned that thereú could be mmre. chief kevin cartwright from the fire department joins me now. kevin, can you tell me whaa is going on right now? >> fire in the 1300 block of north calhoon street. has been under control for an hour and a half to two hours we received a report, while our firefighters were two blocks over, that there was some smoke coming from one of the dwellings. so right now our firefightees, as you can see in the backgroun
the ravens last year. now, hhre is jeff barnd and karen parks with the "late edition". ú% %->> fearrduring the shooting at johns hopkins hospital. hear more of the 911 calls. >> this is like the czar of all czars. >> new person appointed to build a consummr protection ageecy. >> dozens of cats found in crates, where investigators said they were being taken. >> and why youumay need a prescription to at this ice3 cream. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am karen parks. >> seven and jeff barnd. first tonight. breaking news out of west baltimore. city police were called to the scene of an assault, at north stricker street nnar pressman in a fight.3 the aunt was taken to the hospital. where she was pponounced dead. it happened just before 8:00 this vening. and of ccurse we will have more informatiin when it is available on this breaking ssory. >> new look tonight at yesterday's shooting at johns hopkins hospital. >> we're hearing of a vivid descriptiin of what it was like inside of the hospital. just a fe
alarm laze in west baltimore yesterday. karen parks is sttnding by live at the scene to teel us why firefighters say this proofs the serious lack of resources. karen? >>well, jennifer and jeff. look at this. this is what is left, after yesterday's fire, ttat nearly deetroyed more a dozen homes. and dozens of firefighters werr called to the scenn. but they all were not from baltimore. %-some say, we could have been n big trouble. >> the city was required to ask for companies to transfer in, from arundel county, baltimore county, howard counny, harford county and as far away as washington, d.c.. this was a fire that, in days gone by, would have been serious but there would have been enough resources left in the city to adequately protect the city. -> a spokesperson for the mayor released this statement. despite a record of $121 million budget defiiit, mayyr tephanie rawlings-blake restored critical funding to the fire department this year. and to reduce rotating fire company closures over the last year. there are, at least, three rotating fire company closures live here
england. >> hello again, i'm jennife jeff barnes. iim karen parks. marylaad more than 150 miles %-packed quite a punch causing huge waves and some minor flooding. people already in ocean city for wwth the storm's power. >> it's definitely a sight to3 see. youudon't see this veryyoften. >> mother nature's pretty powerful. seeing it in he flesh ann blood, t's pretty lively. . >> ocean city is preparing to %-holiday weekend. the long >>> one person had the wrong idea during the storm. he's a surfer who decided to go outtinto the wavessduring the hurricann. well, that violated restrictions on swimming and surfing during the storm. the man received two $300 citttions. >>> ii thh meantime hurricane earl is moving away from us toward new england. now the sky is already gray up -here and the winds are picking up as well. %-the hardest as the hurricanet people there are already boarding up theer houses and storefronts, but many will stick >> we're not leaving. >> why not? myylife, and we're used to itt i think we'll be ine. >> we're inland. would feel pretty confident in i -y residu residence.
in columbia. karen parks stands by live at the treover condominiums where five families were isplaced now. karen? >> jennifer and jeff, detectives are still here at the scene, that they are now calling a crimm scene. investigators don't know what, or who, left the young woman injured. but say it was not the fire. firefighters were called to -round 2:45 this afternoon to the treover condominiums, along majors road in columbia. when they arrived, they foundú the dead body of a woman believed to be in her 30s, ann a man also believed to be in his 30s, seriously injured. >> what we believe aa this time, is that both of them were injured, not as a esult of tte injuuies. >> to know that she is develop, you know, is just tragic. tragic. >> no one else was injured. and no other condd was damaged. however, five families have beeú displaced. no word when they would be reporting live in columbia. karen parks, fox 45 news "late edition"" >> all right karen. baltimore county school was evacuated this morning because of a gas odor. students in rosedale sent home early. emergency crews determined the
quarter of a mile away today's weather mmy have played a key role in the blazes. karen parks is currently in west baltimoree and tells us no onee3 was hhrt. but these fires are still under investigation tonight. karen? >> that'' right jeff. innestiggtors are still here, on the scene. -ou mentioned earlier, in the intro, you talked abouu high winds. windy right now. just imagine what it was like a now, the fire started right here. you can sse all the debris left. after three homes caught on fire. the blaze then spread, across the street. i will try to get over here to show you. these five row homes, went up in flames, and it did not stop here. and investors say high winds could be a factor. but will not confirm. 5 ell you. as for neighbors. it was a iasco none will forget. >> it is crazy. you got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. seven firee. >> flames tear down homes. >> in the second house right there. and kept chaining down. >> first fire started in the 1300 block of north calhoon. homes. two were vacant, the third had occupants that were not at ome. >> eople that use drug, g
, karen days a has details on how you can fight their efforts for that. >>> it's been called the fastest growing drug problem in the united states. it is as quick as the corner pharmacy and your home med kin cabinet. the misconception the drugs the doctor prescribes is safer than the illegal drugs. none medical use of prescription drugs has increased 20% since 2002 to 5.3 million americans, that includes more new users than any other class of drugs from are, the iowa majority abusing precipitation painkillers. among the federal government's planned efforts to change that, helping states better monitor prescription drugs, driving illegal internet pharmacies out of business, cracking down on road pain clinics that skirt precipitation rules and initiating more prescription drug take back programs. the drug enforcement agency will do that nationally this saturday, september 25th. the dea will partner with pharmacies and local agencies for national prescription drug take-back day. at more than 3400 sites across the country. that's to get unused precipitation and over the counter drugs out of
. >> parts of obama care start today.ú i am karen parks and i will teel you how the plaa changes how you >> looking at clear skies out there, with a harvest moon. beautiful night. but a hot ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side. >> new beneeits are kicking in. six months after the presidentt3 of the u.s. signed the health >> karen parks joins us from sinaa hospiial and tells us today's changes come as a majority of americans still oppose the bill. karen? >> jennifer and jeff, thhusands who come here to sinai,
is barreling toward the united states as karen brown reports, thousand of residents and tourists along the carolinas outer banks have already been evacuated. >> kevin bram isn't sticking around for hurricane earl, even if it means cutting his labor day weekend short. >> better to be disappointed than be washed away or something. >> reporter: it could reach north carolina late tonight or early friday before rolling up the east coast. watches and warnings stretch to cape cod, massachusetts. while hurricane earl is expected to stay off shore, a slate shift could put millions in harm's way. >> it is important to take time now while the skies are clear and you have a plan and are ready just in case. >> reporter: many aren't wasting time boarding up. >> never know what flying deprix you will get. wednesday officials ordered to evacuate the outer banks. not since hurricane bob in 1991 has a storm threatened so much of the eastern seaboard. here the governor declared a state of emergency. they have done the same for the coastal regions of maryland and virginia, but some tourists refuse to let
kathleen. we are learning more about the shooter including his real name karen parks joins us live with more on the confusion and not the shooter identification. karen. >> well we have a crewwat arlington, variety now in davis neighborhood. we are told that neighbors are visibly upset. they say davis's mom lived with him and that the 2 were very close. now nitially we were told by pplice that the suspect's name was warren davis. but later learned that that was an alias. investigators now have tentatively identified the shooter as 50-year-old paul warren pardon and waiting for a fingerppint analysis from the fbi to confirm this information. his mother's name is still believed about to be jean davis. >> we have a couple addresses one in virginia that we are working to confirm and in reming oo, virginia we are working to confirm and couple local addresses associatedd% with mr. davis that we are% working on now l many. >>reporter: it is also believed that the shooter has parks, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thank you very much karen. >> johns hopkins one of the largest medical facil
definition, frrm wbff tv in baltimmoe, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i aa karen parks. >> and i am jeff barnd. worldwide controversy and pressure after one pastor planned to burn the quran. >> tonight, pastor terry jones said he will not go ahead with holy book of islam. he cancelled the burning, even though he was waiting to hear frommthe imam in harge of3 building the mosque. near ground zzrooin new york >> i can guarantee that he will not burn quuan tomorrow at 6:00. he will not e in the city. >> at one point jones beeieved there was a deal to move the mosque. but imam aid that the plan community center is moving forward. plans to build the quran fueled protests in muslim countries. secretary of defense robert gates called jones personally saying the quran burning would be soldiers at ddnger and the president addressed the in the newssconference today. >> the idea that we would uun the sacred text of someone elsees religion, is contrary to what this country stands for. %-absolutely lit up our facebook page. and website today. we asked if burning he quran would
the researcher pit karen stabbed to death ii robbery walkinn home from penn station the recent rash of crime has one communiiy in east baltimore workinn on new crime plan. crimm and justice reporter joy ús here to tell us how they are fighting back by counting on a higher power. joy in. >> call it spiritual war fare. plan to fight crime that% involves church, politician and police. >>>in christ name we ppay, amen. >>reporter: under operation good faath churches take responsibility for the 4 block that surround themmas well as the blook in front of them. it is called 4 plus 1. it ammunts to churches having -úmembers walling these streets on a nightly baais. rebuilding relationships with úhe community in hopes of getting criminals locked up. the newwcrime plan has already taken hold in some part of east baltimore and pollce say in thoss areas peace has been restored as fear dissipates. >> fear is decreased by the citizen.. the residents also seeing the crimmnal element -úleave the community. not úhowing upsetting up ssop. go out to and from without getting out of the car and who is going
, no results have come in from those wards but we'll keep you posted. meantime, mayor fenty is -- karen gray houston continues our coverage from fenty headquarters northwest. karen, what is the mood there as the early numbers are coming in. it means much more subdued than what we saw in gray's camp. >> reporter: hey shawn, these folks here are eager for a win, and they're just hoping that the candidates can eek one out. they feel that the fenty campaign has more money, that it was more energized. they're crossing their fingers right now and they're hoping for the best. what i've noticed that's interesting about these campaign headquarters, there are not any tv screens in here, so people are getting their information online. they are looking at their smart phones. some of them have laptops, and that is the way they're getting their information. there are no signs yet of the candidate. we've been asking about him. people won't tell us where he is, and that's a smart candidate, why show up and say anything right now, when we have absolutely no real good indications of what the outcome are going
conference. "meet the press" moderator david gregory, "washington post" eugene robinson. police karen finney and susan molinari. what have we learned from 9/11? not enough. based on their report. >>> i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. president obama hammers republicans telling voters that the gop will bring back bush era policies that led to the economic crisis in his view if they win back control of congress this fall. nbc news chief white house correspondent chuck todd, host of the daily rundown, was in the front row. chuck, did he accomplish what they were trying to do, which is turn the page, revamp the economic message, and put the republicans john boehner and company on the defensive. >> well, look, i think they were trying to amplify the men of the week. this is one of those classic press conferences that went on over an hour. the term wide ranging is going to be used a lot. >> how about long-winded. >> we had a ton of topics, the first focused on the economy, one or two on the pastor, and more on the growing phobia with islam around the country. i would say he was most passiona
. they're here. the e-team. don't ask, don't tell, lady gaga. the tea party. please, have a seat. karen finney in blue, jimmy williams and nate, we're back with a e-team talking, yes, politics and campaign catch right after this. trust me. trust me. ya i like that. trust me. bankers are known to be a little bit in love with themselves. are we going up? we can get the next one. i'd like to get your advice on hedging - risk... exposure. what makes us different? for 300 years we've chosen to focus on our clients. what a novel idea. it was a real shock. i remember being at the hospital thinking, "i should have done more to take care of myself." you should've. that's why i'm exercising more now. eating healthier. and i also trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor may help. lipitor is a cholesterol-lowering medication that is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. lipitor is backed by over 18 years of research. lipitor is not for everyone, inclu
strategist karen finney and republican strategist, kevin madden. karen, let me start with you. this is that argument as we heard in david kerley's piece. it's the republicans that are to blame under george w. bush and the republican congress. that's when the economy went sour. it's their fault. blame it on them. it doesn't seem to be working. why not? >> because it's really hard to prove a negative. what we're trying to say, we need more time. when you try to explain to people and remind them that president obama came into office after 11 months of job losses and we're now starting to see private sector job growth, that's a hard argument to be out there making when a lot of people haven't felt it in their own lives. so i think what you're seeing democrats do is they're trying to make that contrast. it says if you really want to have a speaker boehner, here is what the republican agenda will be, versus here is what democrats have been able to do. and if you give us more time, we'll keep on the right track. >> kevin, your party is in a bit of an interesting position. obviously,
fighting to keep his job. karen gray houston continues her team coverage from fenty's headquarters. karen. >> reporter: hey, brian, we are waiting here. they're playing the waiting game. there's music and a lot of optimism. take a look around. let me show you who's here. these are very young campaign workers. the folks that did the nitty-gritty work on the campaign. they're the guys who put the signs in people's yards, the people who were waving signs on street corners. they were the people who were trying to register people to vote and took vans taking people to the polls today. joining me now is the main person who was the architect of getting a lot of these young people out to vote. ron moten, he's the guy working with young people in the community. why is it important to get young people out. >> we have to teach our young people citizenship, and in this race where we have to cover a lot of ground, it's important to get people out who don't vote. >> you're right about that, the political scientists will tell you, people that don't vote, can this make a difference whether fenty wins or
baltimore i'm karen parks and i'll explain what that means in a live eport cooing up. >>> and you're looking live at our skywatch hd radar. tropical storm niiole is going to dump several nches of rain on our area. how haapy inches we're expected to gge and when will be the heaviest coming uppnext. old gibbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. @ @ baltimore teachers get paid.@ ttey will now be paid aacording to how successful your children are in tte classroom. karen parks staading by live in northeast baltimore where the announcement was just mmde. >> reporter: automatic pay ttachers will be paid according to structural effectiveness, teacher valuations and growth. bottom line teachers will be compensated on how well they tea
video of a speech that he said proved she was racist. we know that was not the case. fox 5's karen gray houston with sherrod's road to redemption. >> reporter: the metropolitan african methodist episcopal church on m street has hosted statesmen and civil rights leaders. it's undergoing a major renovation. that did not stop shirley sherrod from retelling her story. >> this person was e-mailing me saying you should be ashamed of yourself. >> reporter: sherrod is still haunted by this now famous video. >> here i was saying that when they have a white person say they're lazy. >> reporter: it was a speech she gave to the naacp, but a conservative blogger posted excerpts that seemed to show she withheld assistance from a georgia farmer because he was white. >> i just knew the administration would support me. >> reporter: sherrod was talking about her own racial transformation, but the truth did not get out until she was forced to resign. president obama apologized. she declined an offer to go back to agriculture. she said she's suing blogger andrew brightbart. >> do the right thing and got wi
. karen perce. bernie chilton. kim colon. three minutes time on everyone. >> [inaudible] >> thank you. >> [inaudible] >> thank you. >> [inaudible] >> excuse me for interrupting. the court reporter cannot hear you. >> the microphone is not on. >> is that better? i will repeat. my name is bernard chilton. i am a san francisco to more representative, whether due diligence has been exercised regarding title to treasure island that must be cleared in a court with federal law, the arkansas act of 1850, that said lands belonging and high time, including louisiana, texas, florida, along to the state of california for ever and in perpetuity. clear that is foremost because the litigation that will be required to pay for and the environmental defense of the island will not be operable. also, federal law will put certain operational constraints that need to be cleared first. then you can do your job. my second question deals with my background as an architectural engineer, as to whether there is sufficient tests regarding compaction of the sand, for example, from the earthquake. under mild condit
to get. >> and an arizona style immigration law is rejecced in one maryland county. i am karen parks, and i will ttll yyu how that debate has become a campaign issue, in the state. >> president obama declares an end to the u.s..combat role in iraq. after meeting with troops at fort bliss texas earlier today. the president addressed the -ation. sayiig after seven ears of waa. it is now time to turn the page. even as 50,000 troops will remain. >> going forward, ransitiinal force of u.s. troops will remain in iraq with a different mission. advisiig and assisting iraq security forces. targeted counter terrooism missions. and protecting our civilians. >>the president also used part of this speech to addresssthe ú%lggish u.s. economy, saying %-commander nd chief to get people back to work. earlier we asked, is it the ú%ght time to pull troops out. 12 percent no. danielle writes on facebook. it has been long enough. troops. sharon writes, u.s. you presence will be there for decades. %-hope it is not too soon to brg the combat troops home. go to and tell us what yyu thi
have more delays in %-karen parks is live at penn station to tell us what riders are saying about the wednesday karen? >> that's right we spoke wiih riders on yesterday's train. and those same riders, got here to penn staaion about eight minutee late. which was not that bad. but one of our viewers, was on wednesdaa's traan. a firsthanddlook at the chaos. >> we are stopped herr at the circuit breaker that is oppned upfront. >> wednesday afternoon. shortly after 4:30.3 on mark 428. nearlyy800 passengers stranded on the tracks for more than an hour. >> it got to the point, fter the first hour, i thought i hope it doesn't go further. >>>mike singleton said claustrophobia started to set in. ú% air, as riders like betty thomas sat. >> i have a lung disease. and we had a lady on there that -as regnant.ú >> pushed a window ouu..3 shh needed an engineer to come in. and put it back in. that's not good. >> a summer of trouble for baltimore. >> we know during the summer months it is hot. train tracks eepand. do not travel as fast aa normal. thht's what we are used to. not the breaking dow
raaens' first game on the news at 5:30, 10:00 and 11:00. here is jeff barnd and karen parks with the "late edition". >> i can guarantee he will not burn quran tomorrow. >> pastor's threat is put on hood. why it will not happen this weekend. -> aad an attempted murder suspect escaped. how he got away. >> aad driveway paving scams on the increase. what you should be watching out for. >> and a puppy with a problem. why his appetite for small change ppt his life at risk. >> live, in high definition, frrm wbff tv in baltimmoe, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i aa karen parks. >> and i am jeff barnd. worldwide controversy and pressure after one pastor planned to burn the quran. >> tonight, pastor terry jones said he will not go ahead with holy book of islam. he cancelled the burning, even though he was waiting to hear frommthe imam in harge of3 building the mosque. near ground zzrooin new york >> i can guarantee that he will not burn quuan tomorrow at 6:00. he will not e in the city. >> at one point jones beeieved there was a deal to move the mosque. but imam
in washington and get insight from two, political pros. republican robert trainham and karen finny. >> good morning. >> let me start with you, karen. is sara failen running? >> obviously, in the primary season, she is enjoying success in the process. he likes to get paid. >> robert, is she running? >> i don't know the answer to it. i don't think she knows the answer. but she's doing everything she can to position herself, that if she chooses to run, she has the staff and resources in place to do so. >> if she does run, do you think she can win? >> in the primaries, i think she could. there are three states that determine who the republican nominees are going to be. iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. you look at the democrats in those states, sarah palin has a significant ground force. the real question is whether she can win in the general. she is a forced to be reckoned with. there's no question about it. >> karen, is this a candidate that the obama white house would like to face or fear facing? >> i think democrats learned a long time ago when they were hoping that ronald reagan woul
at the d.c. mayor's race is far from over. at 10:30 the state of the mayor's race. fox 5 reporters karen gray houston and paul wagner join me live on the set to break down the issues, talk about where the candidates are headed and where they stand all ahead of that democratic primary. >>> meantime politicians are serving up drama in the district with accusations of stolen campaign signs caught on camera. the owner of the capital city diner says kathy henderson the independent candidate for ward 5 removed terry thomas and kwame brown signs from his restaurant, but henderson said the owner asked her to because the owner put them up because he felt sorry for one of the candidates. police are now involved in this on the news edge at 11:00. >>> a fake election ballot circulating through prince george's county and we found it. it tells people politicians endorsed certain candidates they actually don't support and there's a big question about who is behind it. fox 5 investigative reporter tisha thompson tracked down a candidate who admits he handed out those ballots. >> reporter: you were handi
miles an hour. let's check in with bill karens for the latest on this. >> what a couple weeks we've had. not only a lot of storms but the storms have become very strong. at one point we're tracking three major hurricanes. we haven't done that since 1920-something. very rare events. they've all missed the united states. mexico yesterday hit by karl. now igor heading for bermuda. not really all that intense right now, but it's large in size. like the size of texas. that means that bermuda will be in this storm for a while. already large waves are arriving. those tropical storm force winds. the worst of it will be after dinner tomorrow till about midnight. that's when the strongest winds from the hurricane will affect bermuda. here's the timing of it from the hurricane center. they think it should approach bermuda as a category 3 or 2 storm. it looks like late sunday night to early monday morning. the weather will be much improved by monday afternoon. our computer models are in excellent agreement that bermuda will get hit. no way to avoid it. each of these lines represents a potential pat
for these jobs and where they're located. i would encourage them to go to the web site. >> karen tumulty is a national political reporter with the "washington post," rex harrington is with i do not envy her her position because how much can the government actually do to fix this problem we're in right now? you yourself said the private sector needs to be creating jobs. what role does the government have in helping the private sector create jobs? >> well, look, i worked for the reagan administration. we had a pretty terrible recession back in 1980, '81 and '82. and actually, we took a different approach. we cut tax rates for business -- z . >> but your tax rates were much higher back then. >> it was. the point i'm making is we had a really strong recovery. at this stage in the cycle, we had 8% growth. all i'm saying is maybe we ought to try that approach since the fiscal stimulus approach of spending hasn't worked that well. >> any approach is welcome to be talked about on this show. your view of what's going on right now. we have had mixed messages on this economy in the last
, heavy rain to bermuda this time of the evening. we have meteorologist karen maginnis. she is here with me. she's here in the headquarters with me and reynolds wolf. he is in the thick of things. not just yet. are they hunkering down? are they ready for this thing? >> reporter: they really have. i have to tell you these are tough people here in bermuda. they have dealt with this type of stuff before. they have emergency shelters set up. the emergency meter regiment has been told to be prepared. they do expect some damage. i can also tell you that bermuda electric light company also has a plan in place to restore power outages. they have been through storms very similar to this one, in fact, one back in 2003. it killed three and destroyed a lot on the island. that was hurricane fabian. as you mentioned, the storm is quite a distance away. as it gets closer, we're going to see conditions deteriorate. we were on the beach yesterday and got to see some of the massive waves come in firsthand. you see the big waves coming on through? it's hard to believe we've got these big white caps an
's generation will be better off than our own. that's the lowest number in 17 years. i'm joined now by karen finney, msnbc contributor and former communications director for the democratic national committee and by msnbc political analyst pat buchanan. karen, there are so many numbers for democrats but that one hit me because that's sort of the bed rock of america. has been for a very long time. work hard. our kids will have opportunity. what do the democrats do with that? >> that number actually is one we've seen over the last, i don't know, ten years or so actually going down. and i think that number is not just about democrats but it's about republicans and what's going on in washington in general. i think overall that reflects a very strong anti-incumbent, anti-establishment, anti-government mood we've been seeing. >> karen, you're going to say that number is as significant for the republicans as it is for the democrats? >> i think it's a significant number for anyone who is an office holder. i think as the t.e.a. party results from the summer primary showed, neither party is immune to t
. chris? >> kelly, thank you. >>> what do we make of these political strategies? karen finny is msnbc contributor and pat buchanan, a republican strategist and analyst. sarah palin says to christine o'donnell, some people would argue that strategy has helped rand paul, is sarah palin right? >> she sure is. christine o'donnell did an outstanding job the day after the election, i think she has been on seven national shows, all of them except "morning joe." >> which he said repeatedly. >> which we've mentioned on the air. but i think, look, she has all the national attention and she's nationally known. i agree with her, you don't want to go on the national shows and say does witchcraft practice -- >> does it make it look like she's scared to answer a tough question from david gregory? >> no, no, no, no. look, you don't want to go on a national show and answer whether you practice witchcraft at a slumber party in junior high. for heaven sakes. the press is in a wild moment right now, get away from those folks, get on there and get on the issues. >> we're the bad guys, again, karen finny.
to a 45% margin. gray is filling out his legion of the future. fox 5s karen gray houston is here now. karen? >> reporter: vince gray held a news conference outside of the hotel where he held his victory party last night. he said he would like to see a more uniteed city and wants to hear from residents about what they want. >> we're here for you. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> reporter: it was a lovefest by supporters and council colleagues. as vincent gray stepped forward to thank the people who made him the nominee. >> i want you to know how humbled i am with the victory last night. and with the trust that has been invested in me by the voters. [ applause ] >> reporter: fresh off of his win, he viewed to be inclusive, promised to hold town hall meetings to find out what citizens want. supporters, including some union leaders, see new hope and like the tone gray is setting. >> what we vex picturation about -- expectations about is we will be included in decisions in this city. >> we were excluded for four years. >> gray said he won't be turning back the clock on school reform and r
. as andrea mckaren reports, that simple act could save a life. >> i was out here when i heard screams upstairs, ran upstairs to find out what was going on. >> reporter: phil bauer fold his wife's screams to their son's bedroom. mark wasn't moving. >> he looked like he is asleep. he just wasn't responding. >> reporter: mark had no pulse, and he wasn't breathing. >> i can't tell anyone what it's like to try to revive your lifeless child. >> reporter: paramedics raced mark to iraq hospital. it was too late. >> someone came in and told us mark had died. you know, life for us ended that day. >> reporter: what came next was another shock for the bower, the toxicology report, revealing how mark died and what was in his system. >> i asked, were there any illegal drugs or alcohol in his system. when he said no, i felt a sense of relief. >> in mark's room, his parents found a clear plastic bag with pills. according to the toxicology report, he ingested oxycodone, morphine, acetaminophen and methamphetamine. >> they were prescription drugs, but they were not his. for did they belong to anyone in
is recovering at an animal shelter. karen gray houston picks up the story. >> he's a friendly dog but he's emaciated. he's about 10 pounds and heaviest and he ought to weigh 20. they've already named him thomas. >> reporter: the tiny poodle schnauzer mix is already making new friends at his new home. >> we just named him yesterday, we named him thomas. >> why thomas. >> after the maintenance man who found him. >> the dog was found behind an apartment complex on 22nd street in southeast. his cage is still next to the dumpster. it reeks of urine and feces. >> we were cleaning around the dumpster and we heard something crying so the gentleman pulled it out and put it on the side and i called animal control. >> reporter: his hair was all matted and dirty. he's been saved and groomed since. people who are living in the apartment complex where he was found are outraged he was tossed out to die. >> how could somebody do that to the dog? >> maybe somebody couldn't pay rent for the dog because they charge rent for animals around here. >> reporter: whatever the reason, this is a crime. misdemeanor
the country. karen cava has a look at this debate. >> reporter: a red hot issue for the green movement, the plastic bag. andy keller, bag monster is here to show people how many bags they use in a year and lifetime. >> they buy something, comes in a bag, walk out and there's not even a thought about all the resources that went into creating that bag and the litter and pollution problem that's created once that bag is thrown away. >> reporter: since san francisco banned plastic bags in 2007, similar restrictions have been debated elsewhere, results have been mixed. in january washington, d.c. started charging consumers 5 cents for plastic bags, a statewide ban in california recently failed in that state's senate. the american chemistry council which represents plastics manufacturers among others says bans aren't the only option and like anything else, education is key. >> consumers reuse their plastic bags for things like carrying lunches or wet shoes in a suitcase or for pet duty, but recycling is something that once people understand how easy it is, they start doing it. >> reporter:
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